Travel with purpose and give back to the communities you visit.

    Travel With Purpose and add a socially responsible component to your trip

    Opportunities to Get Involved!

     Tours can be arranged that incorporate a social-contribution aspect such as:

      • Teaching English in a local school
      • Conducting medical clinics in mountain villages
      • Community development construction projects
      • Raising funds for a library or scholarships

    One of the best ways to travel with purpose is to embark on a tour that incorporates a social-contribution aspect. Not only will you have an incredible cultural experience, but you will leave a lasting impact by empowering local communities to become more self sustainable. I work with only reputable partner businesses and NGOs to ensure that your time and resources are utilized as positively and efficiently as possible.

    If you are interested in volunteering or raising funds for a specific project please Contact Me for more information.

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