Custom Tours of Exquisite Destinations


Tailor-made Holidays to Asia

custom, private & small-group tours to exquisite destinations

Private travel

Experience Asia your way on a private journey crafted specially for you. Tailor made Asian holidays combine your interests and travel style with the best the destination has to offer. Each journey is personally designed and hosted by Eli.

small group travel

Discover the best of Asia on a small-group journey with like-minded travelers. You’ll stay at hand-selected accommodation, enjoy professional local guides, and authentically engage with the culture. Never more than 10 travelers. 

responsible travel

While we have no delusions of creating world peace, we certainly do believe in the power of kindness and two-way learning when we travel. That’s why you’ll have the opportunity to engage with change-makers when you travel with Over The Edge Travel. 


As a fellow discerning traveller, I understand the importance of responsible travel. This includes engaging as more than just a passing tourist. I also value the assurance of safety and comfort while exploring destinations unique. That’s why my tailor-made holidays to Asia provide the highest of quality while getting off-the-beaten-path and maintaining a true standard of authenticity and integrity.

I look forward to planning an incredible journey specially for you!

        Eli Kretzmann

        founder / tour operator


get off-the-beaten-path in comfort with these exquisite destinations

Hand-selected accommodation, professional guides, exquisite destinations…

Over The Edge Travel offers finely crafted, tailor-made holidays to Asia. Every journey is purposely built around your interests to provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

Eli worked with us in the planning stages to customize our trek to meet our objectives… When we hit the trail, he not only led us superbly, but his friendly demeanor and background knowledge of the region, culture and Nepal language made our trip a lifelong memory.

nepal custom tours

Although trite for a well deserved “Thank You,” I give Eli and Over The Edge Travel my most ringing endorsement. And what’s more… he was a good shepherd, companion, and friend!                                                                                            .


what sets OTET’s tailor-made holidays to Asia apart?


We don’t outsource. Every trip is carefully crafted in-house, then personally hosted. On the ground we work with only trusted and proven local partners.


Your time should be spent enjoying the journey, not worrying about details. From landing in-country to departure, we ensure you are well taken care of.


As a discerning traveler, you don’t want to follow the average tourist circuit. You expect special experiences and we provide them.


Your safety and well being is of highest importance to us. From hygiene of food to professional drivers, we ensure you are well taken care of.


Our reputation rides on the quality of service and experience we provide. We don’t cut corners as our goal is to provide the finest experiences possible.


Every trip starts with you! We work with you from the beginning to understand your travel interests. Each journey is a personalized experience for you.

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