mongolia Journeys

Home to Genghis Khan and vast expanses of beauty speckled with colorful gers (traditional yurts). Mongolia is a last frontier ripe for exploration.

From the Taiga of the north, across the steppes, to the Gobi Desert in the south, Mongolia stuns in every direction with it’s beauty and ruggedness.

Even the capital city Ulaanbaatar delights with a mixture of ancient buddhist monasteries, high-end shopping, and good restaurants.


tailor made mongolia tours

Custom tours means that each tour starts with you!  Just let me know what you are interested in doing and I will take it from there.

Eli Kretzmann


As long as you are in the region, why not explore another exquisite destination?

Or combine a couple Asian destinations for the ultimate journey.

The last remaining Himalayan Kingdom, Buddhist monasteries, and gross national happiness.

Ancient city-kingdoms, teahouse treks in the mighty Himalaya, incredible cultural encounters, and amazing hospitality.

Exquisite desert palaces, the Taj Mahal, vibrant colors, and ethically produced handbags. 

Golden pagodas, an abandoned kingdom, delicious food, sunny beaches, and smiles for miles.

All recommended tours can be modified to fit your interests

  • Add more days
  • Upgrade accommodation
  • Add an activity or adventure
  • Add another destination

Or contact me to start planning a tailor-made mongolia tour

Just let me know your interests, and I will craft a special journey exclusively for you!

After this adventure I consider Eli a friend and like minded traveler. The trip was well planned and executed from travel arrangements to accommodations. I seldom endorse people or companies, but Eli and Over The Edge Travel are truly outstanding. It is his passion for travel that is contagious, and I wish him much success in all he does…

William W.Louisiana