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Responsible Travel

Give back to the communities you travel in by adding a social responsibility component to your trip

Make a difference while you travel by contributing to a socially responsible project. Over The Edge Travel partners with several local organizations operating on a socially responsible platform.

I work only with projects that are meaningful and beneficial for local communities.

Some meaningful projects that I partner with:

Rebuilding Nepal

After the April 2015 earthquake, Over The Edge Travel partnered with Portal Prefab to manufacture and distribute affordable housing solutions. There are still opportunities to get involved in the post-earthquake reconstruction sector.


Over The Edge Travel has connections with rural schools where teachers are needed. Short term teaching opportunities and development seminars can be arranged.

Bicycles for Entrepreneurs

In conjunction with Portal Bicycles, we can provide “cargo bicycles” to local entrepreneurs who see potential for business growth through use of this specified bicycle.

Sponsor a Project

Ask about projects your group could sponsor financially.

Other Ways to Give Back

Let’s start with your skill sets and interests to find a meaningful project that matches your strengths! Let me know your interests and I’ll take it from there.

Let’s Connect to discuss how you can get involved in a meaningful way.

*As you explore options to get involved in Nepal, please be careful! Many agencies require a large fee for your volunteer time. Often these projects do little to help, and sometimes even cause long-term harm. Over The Edge Travel carefully screens all projects that we get involved in to ensure that the effects of our actions are beneficial for the recipients, the community, and the culture.

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