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All destinations are personally explored and hand-picked by Eli. In his unending quest for authentic travel experiences, Eli chooses experiences that ring of the exotic, while still affording some of the comforts of home.


home of the Himalaya

Home to the mighty Himalaya and eight of the world’s highest peaks, Nepal is the mountain-lover’s dream destination. However, there is so much for the adventurous traveler to explore beyond climbing or trekking. However, with a new breed of boutique and higher end accommodation, and a wealth of culturally rich mini adventure options, Nepal is no longer only for the climber and backpacker crowds.

The discerning adventurer will find Nepal delights with incredible hospitality and some of the friendliest people you will meet anywhere.

Rich in culture, and history dating back to the birth of the Buddha, this small Himalayan nation showcases intricate architecture in the ancient city-kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley. Outside the valley, time seemingly stands still in simple villages scattered across terraced mountainsides, wildlife-rich jungles, high into the frozen Himalaya.

“Our Nepal adventure with Over The Edge Travel was the best vacation we’ve had as a couple in years! Eli’s professional, conscientious attention to trip-planning details allowed us to relax and have fun together.

And thanks to his local connections and genuine care for the Nepali people, we were able to have a number of meaningful cultural interactions that wouldn’t have been possible with a large, impersonal tour group.”

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Explore hidden alleys of ancient city-kingdoms on insightful walking tours. Beautifully carved temples of wood and stone combine with myths and legends of antiquity to reveal a truly incredible mesh of history and cultures.

Tailored experiences means you can trek with the comfort of high-end teahouses, visit base camp on a chartered helicopter flight, sleep in the royal guests’-quarters, or lounge by the pool at jungle’s edge.


land of the Thunder Dragon

The last remaining Himalayan kingdom, Bhutan is truly a beautiful gem carved from the world’s greatest mountain range. Known locally as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, the rest of us may be more familiar with Bhutan’s economic measurement of Gross National Happiness. Eschewing traditional measures of GDP, this Buddhist kingdom boasts a truly progressive agenda of sustainability and lays claim to begin the world’s only carbon negative country. A dedicated focus on the environment, sustainable tourism, and a restrictive daily fee ensures Bhutan won’t feel overrun anytime soon.

Home to the exquisite Tiger’s Nest Monastery, amazing festivals, and charming people, Bhutan offers an unforgettable experience!

Although trite for a well deserved “Thank You,” I give Eli and Over The Edge Travel my most ringing endorsement. And, what’s more… he was a good shepherd, companion, and friend!

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Rather than focus on an entirely fiscal approach to economics, Bhutan weighs the value of happiness, sustainability, and the environmental future of the country as the most important economic indicator of success. Find out why on a visit to the last Himalayan Kingdom.

Quality, fun, and informative guides teach us about Bhutan’s history, religion, and culture as we visit stunning Dzongs (palaces) and monasteries.


under the Eternal Blue Sky

Truly a last frontier!

Home of Genghis Khan, endless steppes, the Gobi Desert, and an incredible Buddhist heritage, Mongolia delights the adventurous traveller.

From visiting with nomadic herder families, to sleeping in a ger (yurt) camp, to shopping at the Black Market in Ulaanbaatar, there is never a dull moment in Mongolia.

After this adventure I consider Eli a friend and like minded traveler. The trip was well planned and executed from travel arrangements to accommodations. I seldom endorse people or companies, but Eli and Over The Edge Travel are truly outstanding. It is his passion for travel that is contagious and I wish him much success in all he does…

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The great Khans of the 1200s established Mongolia as a center of world trade and dominion. Today a grassy plain stretches over the buried remains of the once-capital city of Karakorum. Much of Mongolia’s history was lost under centuries of Chinese and Soviet control, but glimpses of Mongolia’s past are preserved in beautiful Buddhist monasteries and world renown art.

Hosted every October in the far western reaches of Mongolia where Siberia, Kazakstan, and Mongolia collide, the Golden Eagle Festival is a stunning display of Kazakh heritage, skill, and livelihood. Join us for a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the rugged beauty of this remote land, incredible event, and kind people who live here.


exclusive new destinations

A perennial favorite holiday destination for founder, Eli Kretzmann, Thailand is a fun and relaxing escape from winter back home.

If you like Thai food, beaches, ornate temples, and greenery, then Thailand might be just the destination for you!

We take it mellow and have a lot of fun on these tours. From island hopping on long-tail boats to exploring coffee plantations in the mountains, there is a whole delightfully exotic country to discover!


abandoned kingdoms

After opening up to tourism, Myanmar has quickly become a hot-spot destination. Still, compared to neighboring countries, tourism is quite low in Myanmar.

On Over The Edge Travel tours to Myanmar, we make the most of the developing tourism scene to highlight “still undiscovered” destinations.

Leave the crowds behind and travel back in time to the abandoned kingdom of Mrauk-U on Over The Edge Travel’s Ancient Myanmar tour.

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No trip to Thailand is complete without a long tail boat ride across turquoise waters to small craggy islands and sunny beaches. For the adventurous, rent a scooter and roam on your own to find your favorite beach or coffee shop. Snorkeling, sunsets, coconut ice cream, and fresh seafood round out a good day of relaxing along Thailand’s southern beaches.

This stunning gold-gilded pagoda towers over Yangon and is the most important Buddhist site in Myanmar. Legend dates Shwedagon Pagoda as one of the oldest pagodas in the world, while archeological study still dates is well over 1000 years old. This incredible masterpiece is only the beginning the beautiful antiquity we will see on a foray into lesser traveled Myanmar.


colorful India

Vibrant and colorful, India is like nowhere else on earth! A non-stop parade on the senses, India pulses with energy at every turn.

From ancient history and palaces to rich culture and temples, India is bound to delight the adventurous traveller.

On Over The Edge Travel’s India tours, you’ll get to dive right into the chaos on a very experiential journey. However, you’ll enjoy quiet reprieve at delightful accommodations and be well taken care of throughout.

My husband and I had talked of taking a real world bound trip for years but when it came down to logistics we were overwhelmed having no idea where to start.

Eli made the whole process seamless. We honestly talk about different parts of our trip everyday, it was so special to us and we are forever grateful for the experiences he created for us.

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The Taj Mahal stands alone as the quintessential icon of India and a symbol of love. It’s no wonder this white marble mausoleum is recognized as a world masterpiece. The Taj is a stunning visit, worth queuing with the daily crowds to experience. Of course, we like to take a roundabout approach to the places we visit, and boat-based view from the Yamuna River, or a bicycle ride through the countryside behind the Taj provide just that experience of “escape.”

While India is always an adventure, and one must be ready for the unexpected, you can expect an array of incredible sights, culturally rich encounters, and some lovely properties as we traverse this vibrant land.


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