land of the Thunder Dragon

The last remaining Himalayan kingdom, Bhutan is truly a beautiful gem carved from the world’s greatest mountain range. Known locally as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, the rest of us may be more familiar with Bhutan’s economic measurement of Gross National Happiness. Eschewing traditional measures of GDP, this Buddhist kingdom boasts a truly progressive agenda of sustainability and lays claim to begin the world’s only carbon negative country. A dedicated focus on the environment, sustainable tourism, and a restrictive daily fee ensures Bhutan won’t feel overrun anytime soon.

Home to the exquisite Tiger’s Nest Monastery, amazing festivals, and charming people, Bhutan offers an unforgettable experience!


This Himalayan kingdom aligns Buddhism with sustainability to ensure preservation of the environment for generations to come. A daily fee for tourists keeps the crowds down and roadways clean. Bhutan’s commitment to remaining carbon negative results in pristine rivers, forested mountainsides, and endless photo opportunities.

Gentle Adventure

Bhutan offers a delightful mix of gentle adventures with comfort. Explore on electric bicycle, then dine on on traditional Bhutanese spicy chili-cheese. Hike to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, then relax the muscles in a hot stone bath. Photograph street markets and palaces, then shop for souvenirs in quaint local shops.

Last Himalayan Kingdom

Bhutan remains an unspoiled gem in the Himalaya. Having never been colonized, and with a population of under 800,000 Bhutan has maintained a unique identity in the Himalaya. The Bhutanese style of architecture is strongly reflected in its Dzongs, while a strong emphasis on preservation of culture keeps festivals, dress, food, and heritage vibrantly alive.

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Custom, Private bhutan tours

Custom & private Bhutan tours means that each tour starts with you!  Just let me know what you are interested in doing and I will take it from there.

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