Shelters for Nepal

One small idea can make a big difference!

Right after the big earthquake rocked Nepal on April 25th, I shared plans for a corrugated metal roofed shelter design that I had worked with in Pakistan in 2010. The design and “how-to-build-it” pictures that I posted on Facebook got shared widely, and soon several groups in Nepal were producing and distributing very similarly designed transitional shelters.

I spent the month of May working with my good friends at Portal Bikes, in Kathmandu, prepping materials for and distributing these shelters. Four weeks later we had supplied 1000 homeless families with transitional shelters and trained several other groups to do the same. Transitional Shelter

Right now, these transitional shelters can be seen all over the affected districts of Nepal, with happy occupants praising their weatherproof livability.

By my estimates, around 3000 of these shelters have been deployed by now, and more are going up all the time.

Even Newsweek got wind of the impact these transitional shelters are making on Nepal and featured them in the June 05 edition.

The power of working together!

Thanks to your contributions and all the many different grass-roots relief groups, NGOs, individuals, and businesses that are working together in Nepal right now, shelters are getting to the people who need them the most!

Thanks to your generous donations, so far Over The Edge Travel has been aShelters personally provide 35 homeless families with shelter!

That’s the power of working together.

Let’s keep working together as we transition from relief to rebuilding Nepal.

After the monsoon, people will be rebuilding their homes, schools, and villages. Over The Edge Travel would love for you to join us as we partner with local organizations to support rebuilding initiatives.

Come be a part of the team!

Now, more than ever, Nepal needs you to visit. Nepal’s economy relies heavily on tourism. The best way you can help the country right now is to take that long awaited trip to Nepal!

Shelter DeliveryResuming in October, I will be leading incredible trips through Nepal, focusing on the beauty of the country and culture. For those interested in contributing a little more to the rebuilding process, Over The Edge Travel will also be partnering with local organizations on rebuilding projects in affected areas, and you could become a part of that!

Your safety first!

Due to the very alarming media coverage post earthquake, many people are understandably concerned about traveling to Nepal now. The reality is that while certain districts were badly affected, others were unaffected.

I will be closely monitoring the situation in Nepal and following the advice of third party experts who will assess the risks of traveling in certain areas. Over The Edge Travel trips will onRice fields and EQ damagely travel in areas deemed stable and safe.

By October, most of the major infrastructure surrounding tourism should be restored to normal.

While much of the country is struggling to cope with the damage, the loss, and pain, other people have moved on with life as normal. To visit Kathmandu now, you may not know that there had ever been an earthquake until you visit a neighborhood that suffered much damage and has yet to be cleaned up.