Relief for Earthquake-Struck Nepal

Over The Edge Travel and Earthquake Relief for Nepal

Over The Edge Travel has partnered with Portal Bikes and Five14, two trusted organizations on the ground in Kathmandu, to provide temporary shelters and rebuilding supplies to mountain communities that are being overlooked by larger aid organizations.

In the mountainous districts most badly affected by the earthquakes, there are entire villages completely demolished by the recent earthquakes.

With the monsoon rains quickly approaching, those whose homes have been destroyed are in desperate need of shelter. That is why Over The Edge Travel has partnered with Portal Bikes and Five14, to provide shelters for the monsoon, followed by long term, sustainable rebuilding solutions for the future!

Shelters for the Homeless

Over The Edge Travel and Portal Bikes are coordinating efforts to equip locals and other aid organizations to provide sturdy relief shelters to villagers whose homes have been destroyePortal Shelterd.

These simple, cost effective, but very livable shelters will get the homeless out of the rain while they rebuild their homes and villages.

Using locally available resources, we can provide a sturdy all-season shelter for a family for about $110.

All donations through Over The Edge Travel go directly toward supporting relief and rebuilding efforts.

Relief Beyond the Landslides

Over The Edge Travel is supporting Five14 to bring relief supplies and resources for rebuilding to mountain communities that are cut off from aid by landslides and difficult terrain.

destroyed villagesFive14 is working closely with village leaders to assess essential needs and provide relief in a systematic and efficient method.

Without their action, these mountain communities would likely have no access to aid. Five14 has already distributed truckloads of food and tarps, and is now working on providing sustainable jobs and innovative rebuilding techniques for villagers whose homes have been destroyed.